Thursday, November 04, 2004

Concerning the Red Sox...

Where do I begin? This was a special October for Red Sox fans, and while I would not be so presumptuous as to call myself the "best fan ever," I've been smiling since Game 7 of the ALCS.

My life as a Red Sox fan began in 1979, when I visited Boston on a field trip. I'd always been a student of history, and Boston is rich with it. As you walk around the city, you still get the sense—even 200+ years after the events occurred—that something momentous happened on these cobblestone streets. Our trip included a visit to the top of the Prudential Center, where I used one of those large pay telescopes. In my panoramic sweep of the city, I suddenly saw the fabled Fenway Park. A game was in progress; the Red Sox were playing the A's. It may sound silly or contrived, and may be a bit of both, but I think a connection was made in my mind between the scrappy, underdog Red Sox and the scrappy, underdog colonists who fought back the British and not only declared but won their independence. The Sox remind me of the Minutemen. Their weapons may not be the best, their tactics are unpolished, but their have the heart of a lion and an unbreakable spirit.

If you can stand more of this romaticizing, stay tuned...


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